XMAS Museum 2020: Kandy Kitchen

So every year I do have one recurring theme: the Kandy Kitchen. I collect Christmas themed confections and display them in my kitchen area. Sort of like transforming the kitchen into a bakery. This room also tends to be the most Christmassy, and it usually gets put up first and taken down first.

This kitchen in the Maryland Xmas Museum location didn’t have a lot of display areas in the kitchen itself. I used the adjoining Den as my display space. I installed these great wall hanging covered display shelves I got from Displays2Go. They add a little of that “goodies behind glass” feel and also let me do some creative balancing while providing some protection from falling off the shelf. I first got to use them for Halloween.

The block shelves on the adjoining wall were Miles Redd for Ballard Design.

Each year I change up what items to feature. I would say this year was more candy centric than baked goods. Looks good enough to eat…but as my husband (and Disco) found out, it’s not.

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