XMAS Museum 2020: XMAS in Space

OK, so I realize this one needs a little background.

My husband has been very supportive in my love for holiday decorating, even from the beginning of our relationship. His only gripe is that I “disappear” the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve. So, during our first holiday season together back in 2015 I decided to surprise him by transforming our bedroom into a Christmas-space theme. Why? Well, for two main reasons. One, to make him feel involved. And two, because he is really into Sci-fi and we already had some space-themed art in the room.

I knew this theme would be a fun challenge for me to create. The backbone of this design was this CB2 nutcracker I acquired. I named him Capt. Nut E. Kracker and decided he would be my main character and I would come up with some outer space places he could visit.

Our XMAS in Space hero

I had some items already that I could use to create the scenes:

  • modern Moravian-type star ornaments to create the star-o-sphere
  • less-traditional Christmas tree decor items
  • lots of faux snow and snow blankets

As well as some upcycled and new use of items:

  • A broken large LED Edison bulb (hello space ship)
  • pink-hued LED twinkle lights (they looked weird everywhere else I tried to use them)
  • Green El-wire
  • meteor lights

So, here is how the first year came together. And yes, it was my husband’s favorite display that year.

The Nebula Wreath was hard to engineer. The meteor lights were connected in a way that made it hard to spread them out. I used Halloween webbing to create the green clouds, which also afforded me some camouflage for the light connections. A metal wreath from CB2 was a great structure to create the multi-colored black hole.

So, the adventure continues in a new space (house-wise). To share the 2020 story with you I made a 3-part short film. Let’s ride along with Capt. Nut E. Kracker as he takes us on a journey to the Pink Planet.

XMAS in Space 2020:

Part 1

XMAS in Space 2020:

Part 2

XMAS in Space 2020:

Part 3

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