XMAS Museum: Moves to a new location

I figured I’d post in case someone ACTUALLY looked through my archives and wondered why the Xmas Museum XmM looked so different between 2020 and 2021.

My husband and I had already started planning to move to Palm Springs when we retired. One benefit of the pandemic was an opportunity that allowed us to keep working but be able to move there ahead of schedule. So, in May 2021 we packed up a passenger van with ourselves, the houseplants, and the dog and headed West.

The new house is also contemporary, but with more of an open plan. The weather will be milder, but no snow. My decorating stuff will have to survive a coast-to-coast move. Will all of this affect the way I decorate going forward?

I’m ready for the challenge. Say hello to the Xmas Museum – West coast addition.

Xmas Museum West Coast

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