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Upcoming Events

Desert Open Studios

I'll be participating the 2024 Desert Open Studios tour at the Backstreet Art District (#46 on the Map) Please join me and my fellow artists at this location.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11-4

Modernism Art Tour

I will be participating in the Modernism Week Art Tour. It is a free event, but please click to register so we have an idea of attendance. My studio at the Backstreet Art District.

Friday and Saturday 11-4


Hey, Drewvy here. I am a sometimes extravagant, never traditional holiday decorator and d├ęcor lover. I have a new gallery in Palm Springs that will sell fine art and unique objects that I create. I am also the curator of the XMAS Museum (XmM) with themes that change every year.

Andrew Shields

You’re so creative…

I have been told this by several people that have had the chance to see my holiday displays. I always thought it was just a nice way of saying “Hey, this looks great. Others should see this!” My main driver to create my displays is essentially as an outlet to my creative drive. I often couldn’t find everything to complete my theme, so I would source what I could and make what I needed myself.

I have a degree in Advertising/Graphic design, and always hoped to have a creative career. When that didn’t pan out I decided to start getting serious making art and decorative object once i moved out to palm Springs and was totally inspired by this ultra-creative community.

My blog posts cover the making of the Xmas Museum (XmM) each year, and I will also post some of my process in creating art using specialized techniques for my one of a kind creations. I also provide links to the products I have used to make it convenient for you to purchase the product as well. I try to link to the actual product I have used, or will note it as similar if that product is no longer available. If you make a purchase from one of these links, I may make a tiny commission from your purchase depending on my affiliate status with the seller.

So, here I am. Starting a new adventure as an artist. Decorating for all of the holidays. Sharing it with you and others. Running a gallery space. Giving you insight on my creative process. Creating things from the unexpected and giving you guidance and inspiration on how to use them in your own home.

Be unique, own unique things, get fancy.