XMAS Museum 2020: Neon Lounge

Using neon colors as a holiday color scheme is a fun way to add some “life” to your decor. These colors work well in a minimal décor style, as well as in a room that gets less natural light. These colors carry a light to themselves and a little goes a long way.

I started at the mantel and placed the brass leaf wreath in it’s usual priority location. I searched Etsy and found these neon flowers that I clipped in varying locations and in a color flow. Since I don’t have an actual mantel (instead these are small IKEA shelves lined up), I mimicked one by placing the bright green garland across. Added to it are some neon ornaments from Target.

To carry the neon theme a step further, I incorporated EL wire into the wreath and garland, and set them on a flashing mode.

To finish off the fireplace area, I flanked it with topiaries. For the first one I turned it into Christmas cactus by inserting neon colored straws into the leafy areas. For the second one I created a Spring bush by cutting up neon spring bracelets and twisting them onto leaves. I cuffed the topiaries with neon leggings I found on Amazon.

The straws and the leggings are two examples of how you can get creative with what you can find in your color scheme.

To create the neon berry tree I bought a bulk bag of neon rubber balls and drilled a small indent into each so I could fit them over the LED bulbs on the branches.

I had found these neon bird clips, so I used them to add more neon color to the berry tree.

And there you have it, a neon themed fireplace area.

I started to get interested in these neon LED light strips. I think they actually sparked my interest into doing a neon theme again. I found one with good reviews and had the original idea of having it loop around the ceiling. Well, these strips are a bit heavy, and since this was a temporary install I decided to change my plan.

I decided instead to use it on my white pencil tree. I draped it in a circular fashion, securing it at the top and each time I looped around the back. I used neon colored ornaments and topped it off with a multicolor sparkler. For the tree skirt, I used this neon multi-colored tutu I found.

I then set the LED strip to a slow fade. It’s very mesmerizing and the white tree takes on each color as it changes.

For the back of the room I gathered the other neon items I had and distributed them among the acrylic shelves. This is where you can get creative and display random décor items that match your theme, even if they aren’t officially “Christmas decorations.” I also did two of the shelves in an orange and gold monochrome theme, just to give the eye a place to land while taking in the other multicolored areas.

For those of you asking “what is going on in the framed art?” I will outline in a separate blog post how I created the illuminated art piece.

To finish off the room I distributed my remaining neon ornaments (simple hurricane fill on the coffee table), draped neon party streamers in the window, and did up a mini tree in the corner with pink neon string lights and neon roping hung like tinsel.

All in all it came out well. I will continue to look for neon colored items to collect for my next iteration of this theme.

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