XMAS Museum 2020: Mediterranean Palace Part 7 – Finishing touches and Final Reveal

At this point all of the main elements that contribute to the theme have been put into place:

  • Lots of carved scrolls and ornate detailing – the frames, the window trims
  • Stained and leaded glass windows – created and applied
  • Luxurious fabrics – on the walls, table, chairs, and a few other places
  • Grand scale – chandelier extensions, all walls decorated
  • More is more – check

The only element left is the sparkle. Ah, yes. Fun to leave that element for last, as it is always my favorite.

mock fireplace with jewels and candles

I wanted to create a fireplace in the room, so I utilized the area under the display case to mock one up. I placed a reflective ivory and yellow faux silk fabric as the base, then layered my Luminara® candles around some selenite logs. I placed a string of fairy lights under the logs, set to a flicker mode, and then timed them to come on with the candles. I had a number of jeweled candle bands and bottle decorations, so I placed them randomly on the candles. I outlined the whole area in faux white greenery and a large string of pearls.

For the interior of the display case, I wanted to take advantage of the royal palace theme and create a collection of “royal jewels” to display. I looked through my collection and gathered a balance of yellow and Royal Blue specimens. For the tiara, I adhered a Swarovski® yellow opal gem to the center. Laid on a yellow velvet platform and spot lit with mini spotlights from Terrain®, the grand jewel collection adds to my sparkle element.

The frames on the wall were fine as is, but I wanted to go more-is-more and decorate them for the season. My first idea was to use ribbon to hang an ornament into the center of each frame. This looked too messy to me since the frames were different widths and the ornaments were hard to center with this method. Instead I used a mini Command® hook to hold the royal blue ornament in the center of each, with the size of the ornament based on the size of the frame.

I then added majestic blue Swarovski® rhinestones in a random star pattern inside each frame using temporary glue (also tying back to the star motif in the windows).

Finally, I modified my crystal floor lamp by ordering some chandelier crystals in blue and yellow from Amazon and attaching at the end of the clear crystal strands (you can get similar blue here and yellow here).
blue and yellow crystal floor lamp

Two and a half weeks later and the Mediterranean Palace is finally complete. Ready for the full reveal? Click play below.

XMAS Museum 2020: Mediterranean Palace

NEXT UP: Throwback to the 80s, we’re going neon.

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