XmM 2020: Mediterranean Palace Part 1 – The elements

This year for the Dining Room I wanted to do something with a blue color scheme. I often use the colors of the year for inspiration, and it just so happened that the PantoneⓇ 2020 Color of the Year was Classic Blue.

So the next step was to decide on the complementary color. Blue and green, blue and orange… or what about blue and yellow? We already just painted the exterior a blue and complemented that with a bright yellow door, so I was sure to like this combination.

XMAS Museum Spring 2020

Now I had to create a theme around these images. I remember seeing colors together in my travels to Europe, which made me think of the grand churches and palaces. So I decided to go with Mediterranean Palace, and further specified the colors to be Royal blue (palace connection) and Lemon yellow (ah, those Italian lemons).

As I looked through my travel pictures for some inspiration, I noticed some common themes for palace and palace-like structures I saw in Spain, France and Italy:

  • Lots of carved scrolls and ornate detailing
  • Stained and leaded glass windows
  • Luxurious fabrics
  • Grand scale
  • Sparkle
  • More is more

I will address these themes as building blocks to creating a room that represents, well, a Mediterranean Palace.

NEXT UP: Addressing the walls

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