Announcing the 2020 Xmas Museum Room Design Themes

I am finally ready to announce the room themes for the 2020 Xmas Museum (XmM). As usual, I wanted to challenge myself to come up with some new designs, as well as re-do some of the displays in the prior XmM locations.

Here are the 2020 themes per room:

Mediterranean Palace

  • Location: Dining Room
  • Color theme: Royal Blue and Yellow; Gold
  • Description: Combination of blue and yellow to create a sense of walking into a room in some palace located in the Mediterranean. Scrolls, luxury fabrics, sparkling jewels, custom window treatments and stained glass.

Photo credits:

  1. Photo by Daniel Czippan on Unsplash
  2. Photo by Valdemaras D. on Unsplash
  3. Photo by Mohammad Ali Jafarian on Unsplash
  4. Photo by Annette Schuman on Unsplash
  5. Photo by Pau Sayrol on Unsplash

Neon Lounge

  • Location: Living Room
  • Color theme: mixed neon colors
  • Description: Neon lights and neon colors light up the living room to create a bright place to hang, feeling a little retro and a little futuristic at the same time.

Photo credits:

  1. Photo by Charlota Blunarova on Unsplash
  2. Photo by Gabriel Bassino on Unsplash

Candy Kitchen

  • Location: Kitchen & Family Room
  • Color theme: Bright colors, mainly green and red
  • Description: Using candy and confection themed ornaments and d├ęcor to create a holiday bakery and lounge. This year the focus will be on baked goods.

Photo credits:

XMAS in Space!

  • Location: Master Bedroom
  • Color theme: multi-color with space age lighting
  • Description: Captain Nut E. Kracker continues his adventures in space, seeking out other Xmas-minded aliens living in Xmas-themed worlds.

Upstairs Hallway

  • Location: Top of banister and hall table
  • Color theme: silver
  • Description: silver garland and trees with icicles to create an environment for the Deer figure collection.

Winter Wonderland

  • Location: Xmas Museum exterior
  • Color theme: white
  • Description: Creating a winder wonderland of large neon snowflakes that light the exterior wall, along with lit white trees which include the infamous sparkling weeping willows.

Over the next few weeks I will step through my creative process on how I decided on the theme, and how I worked through the crafting and the decisions on making the elements for the themes. Make sure you follow me to be alerted to new posts.

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